Things to consider when getting porcelain veneers

If truth be told, porcelain veneers in Dubai are largely considered as being the one of the finest dental treatments available to people these days. This is because there are countless issues that porcelain veneers can easily resolve. This includes adding a bit of cover over worn tooth enamel, fixing abnormal spacing, uneven tooth alignment as well as cracks and chips. While these are a bit on the expensive side, the fact is that the results delivered by the application of porcelain veneers are simply outstanding. On the whole, the benefits definitely do outweigh the cost in this case.

For clarification purposes, you would need to go through at least three trips to the orthodontist that you get the veneers from. In the first trip, you will be called in at the dentists’ office for a simple check-up and diagnosis. Once that is done, the dentist will then work out a treatment plan for you. He will discuss all the possible options with you to determine the treatment plan that you are most comfortable with. In the second trip, the dentist is going to prepare your teeth for the veneers to be applied on them. The third and final step or the last visit to the dentist’s clinic will entail a procedure known as bonding. During this visit, the dentist will permanently cement the veneers on to the teeth that are causing problems.

The one thing that must be mentioned here is that you might be called back for a follow-up visit. The follow-up visit is typically scheduled two weeks after the procedure. During the procedure, the dentist basically checks how the gums are healing and responding to the veneers. The dentist will also examine the overall placement of the teeth to ensure things are fine. With that, the factors that will require attention when getting veneers are:

The fullness and shape of your lips

Dental veneers have the potential to alter the comfort and appearance of lip movement. It is for this reason that you must pay attention to the fullness and shape of your lips. People with thinner lips tend to experience significant discomfort with veneers.

Size of your teeth

This element has more to do with your overall preferences. You need to decide how you would like your teeth to look. Would you like them longer or would you like them completely aligned? Read here to check out what’s best for you.

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