How to take care of your mental health?

Our physical health and mental health both are important to lead healthy life. If we are not healthy physically then we can not perform our daily routine works but if we are not healthy mentally then the activities of our life will be equally affected by this and even it will affect our thinking ability too. Therefore,, mental disorders are increasing continuously and now there is an emerging mental disorder which is known as dementia. It is irreversible disease and it occurs at late age. This disease has been increased to a great extent that care homes for dementia patients have now been established in whole world. Therefore, it is extremely important to take care of your mental health. If you don’t know that how to take care of your mental health then you should look at here now in this article. Here are some tips by which you can take care of your mental health. 

Eat healthy:

You eat healthy to maintain your physical health similarly you should be choosy about the food for your mental health. You should not eat fatty food if you want that you remain healthy mentally. There are some sorts of foods which are considered as they change our mood. Chocolate is one of them, eating chocolate makes up happy. If we eat chocolate for two weeks regularly then it reduces the level of stress hormones and so it reduces anxiety and stress level. You should take more carbohydrates in your food. Carbohydrates do not cause the increase in fats in our body but still the carbohydrate intake must not be greater than 20-40 gm daily. So you should focus on complete balanced diet. Omega-3 decreases the level of serotonin in our brain which is the cause of depression. So fish is best source for omega-3. And you should avoid from alcohol and caffeinated drinks because these damage our brain. 

Healthy lifestyle:

Maintaining healthy life style is of prime importance. You must know how to balance your daily routine activities. You must do exercise on daily basis and you should also do some healthy activities which give relaxation to your mind. 

Cop up with stress:

When you are go through depression, anxiety and stress then this is only you who can deal with these problems. So you must know how to cop up with depression and anxiety.