Tips on buying and maintaining great hospitality furniture

The designs or styles of hotels keep on changing with time and fashion. Since the start, hotels are indulged in getting most stylish and beautiful furniture which can complement the style.  However outdoor furniture commonly known as hospitality furniture in hotels, café or bars has same importance as of interior furniture. A fine selection of outdoor furniture that may covers hotel’s lobby, office’s reception, café’s terrace or outdoor sitting at any place is really important to maintain the standard. Now we’ll share some tips with you to make you understand how to buy it.

There are three things to look for while buying this furniture

  1. Placement: The furniture is usually placed in hotel area at entrance to provide comfortable sitting to guest for a short time. For that you need small sized but comfortable in sitting chair or sofas. A table is a must to place books or cups on them.


  1. Style: If you are looking for lobby furniture then you should go for classic contemporary style couch or tables. Plus, if you want to set up an outdoor sitting for café then chairs or tables which can cover your space and give it a modern look simultaneously are preferred.
  2. Durability: Since you are placing this furniture at common areas for all time use, this is something that you must take care of. Choose right type of furniture wood, fabric, color or texture that can withstand immense wear and tear for long time period.

Now, after buying this furniture you should know how to take proper care of it to maintain the shape and quality for the maximum time period. We are sharing some tips on that below. Take a look at them and share this knowledge with your staff as well.

  1. Written maintenance policy: Every staff member should have all time access to written rules to maintain the furniture that must include following things
  • How to fix common problems
  • How to protect furniture from accidents
  • How to set up furniture in order to avoid it from any uncertain condition
  • How to clean every corner of furniture completely at the end of the day
  • What chemicals should not be used for cleansing
  • Polishing when required to maintain shine
  • Cover when not in use or while raining to prevent its parts from rusting
  1. Keep track of parts: Time to time check and repair of furniture is very necessary. In this way it will be easy to find out which part needs replacement. It is better to keep some spare parts for those which need constant replacement. It is suggested to train your staff to do simple repairs so they can handle emergency situations on their own. Visit com for more information.