Information about the post production process

The process which is done after a media is produced is called post production. All the editing, sound proofing, etc takes place here. Though the post production Dubai is not such a stressful part of production but it requires a good amount of time. There are several production company Dubai who can get the work done but to give you an idea of what goes under the post production process here are a few steps that you must follow to achieve the perfect outlook.

Editing Format

You can either choose the same old process of shooting and then editing the film or the modernized digital equipment and software that tags along, either way, the process is still going to be the same.

Picture Editor

Now this one is a more tricky process as an editor will guide you through the shots and cuts that must be added or removed depending on the storyline and the script. Because it is a very creative task, thus it needs to be conducted with full concentration that’s why hiring an editor early on before the production. This can prove to be beneficial as you will be safe from a lot of trouble of shooting useless scenes.

Sound Editor

A sound editor is equally important as a picture editor. The looks of a film can be enhanced easily by good sound effects and dialogue addation between the tracks as it creates a lot more interest and booms the picture itself.


ADR stands for Automatic Dialogue Replacement. It is done for enhancement and HD effects of dialogue sounds. Some dialogues which are not clear during the shoot are later recorded separately to perfectly lip sync with the scene. This happens in a hollow room where the scene is playing on a large screen for reference and the actors repeat the dialogues for perfection.


It is the same as ADR but it this time it is for enhancement of other sound effects such as footsteps, creaking of door, sound of zipper etc. These are produced by foley artists also known as walkers, they are expert in this task which will get your scenes to another level of professionalism.

These are a few steps which everyone must take for the betterment of their professionalism of their film or tv series whatever is trying to be achieved.