How to keep kitchen duct clean

According to a recent study, around 70 percent of fire incidents in commercial kitchens are ignited by the faulty ventilation due to the accumulation of grease and fat. It is one of the most common issues facing businesses, especially those companies which have a dedicated kitchen for their staff members. Despite maintaining kitchen properly, there are ducts and areas which left unattended and always become the very source of a big disaster. In the recent past, Dubai has faced some of the major fire incidents which resulted in loss of life and goods. Now you don’t have to worry anymore because kitchen duct and window cleaning in Dubai is within your reach.

Keeping hygiene is the top most priority of administration in all of the professional businesses and companies. They hire dedicated staff to make sure kitchens, bathrooms, and office working areas are clean and in best shape for the employees. However, this staff is seldom highly educated or well trained. The situation becomes alarming when grease starts to pile up in ducts and areas of kitchen where a naked eye or a human hand can’t access. This leads to fire hazards. Even the insurance company will not pay the damages if the company doesn’t have a recent Extract System Cleaning Certificate. This is where hiring a kitchen duct cleaning service comes into play. These companies have a well-trained and educated staffs which are fully aware of the minute details of their job. There are many benefits of hiring the duct cleaning service providers.

1- Don’t shut down your business

The best part of hiring a building cleaning service in Dubai for kitchen duct cleaning is that they go about their job as a routine and don’t force the company to close down their premises for the procedures.

2- Cut down fire risk

The commercial kitchens must get exhaust duct cleaning because it cuts down the danger of a fire in ventilation system of the kitchen. As you cook in the kitchen, the process results in grease vapor which pile up on various areas in the ductwork and exhaust hood. Expose them to a high temperature and they will instantly catch fire. The removal of these grease piles is the solution which minimizes the very risk of fire at office buildings.

3- Enjoy cleaner air indoors

Apart from reducing the risks of fire, the removal of grease piles also helps in better airflow into the building through kitchen and other rooms. These piles also turn kitchen into an oven as you cook because of insufficient airflow. So getting the kitchen ducts cleaned is a win-win situation for your company and employees.