How to Attest A Marriage Certificate in UAE?

What is A Marriage Certificate?

 A marriage certificate is an authorized proof that two peoples are married to each other. This important document becomes more important when you travel or relocate to a foreign country. This document gets issued by the church, mosque, and temple or by the state authority. Marriage certificate should provide the details mentioned below;

  • Name of the parties, the bride and the groom,
  • Age and marital status of the parties,
  • Date of marriage,
  • Place of marriage,
  • Complete address of the bride and the groom,
  • Name of witnesses,
  • And, the name of the person who formalizes the marriage.

Living in UAE, attestation of the marriage certificate is compulsory to authorize the legalization of your marriage in your home country. Read here this, if you want your spouse to live with you in Dubai then you are required to apply for a resident visa for your spouse. Your marriage certificate is required to get attested first from the country which issues you your certificate and then from the country you want to use that.

Process for Attestation:

The process of marriage certificate attestation Dubai includes some simple steps mentioned below;

  1. You have to get the notary public verification from the country you get your certificate.
  2. Get attestation from the ministry of foreign affairs from your home country.
  3. At last, get an attestation from the embassy of the country you are going to (Dubai).

Required Time for Attestation:

Usually, it just takes 3 to 5 working days for getting attestation on a marriage certificate. If you hire any service then they will surely put their maximum efforts for minimizing the time period and send you your attested certificate in much less time.

Why Certificate Attestation is required?

Living with spouse is the most common and known reason for attestation of marriage certificate. The other reasons which require attestation of certificate could be addition or removal of name in passport, applying for family visa, admission of wife in hospital for delivery, for expats, for adopting child, filing for divorce, applying for passport of kids, admission of kids to the school or applying for insurance.

For all the reasons above mentioned, it is very important to attest your certificate. If you do not attest your marriage certificate for such actions, than you will be wholly illegal for doing such thing.