3 unbeatable benefits of owning an armored car

There are things that we are reluctant to own, and then there are things that we love to have. Staying in touch with armored car companies in Dubai will keep you informed. You will be able to know about the type of car, the amount of bullet proofing done on it, the durability test etc. Knowing all that will help you find the best car for your needs. But, the problem comes when you end up taking a decision in haste, or when you fall in love with a vehicle that had nothing going for it apart from looks. Remember, when it comes to armored cars, appearance is the last thing to fall for. In other words, you should simply look for a vehicle that offers features that only a quality armored car will offer. In other words, your armored car will offer you the following benefits, if you end up choosing the right one:

Comprehensive protection

Protection is perhaps the most common and important feature on an armored car. Regardless of how attractive and elegant your car may look; the top feature will always remain the protection it offers. You should search for an armored car that offers you just that, but in its most basic form, an armored car will still provide sufficient protection that you would not get in ordinary cars. These cars are covered with bomb blankets that contain layers of metallic as well as non-metallic material. Some cars contain advanced protection using ceramics and Kevlar inserts. The overall protection can reach B7+ in some cases which is sufficient to provide protection against large caliber bullets and small improvised explosions.

Comfort is there

Regardless of what you have been thinking about your luxury car, your armored car can exceed it by miles. The armored car is a complete package in many ways, including comfort. How would that be the case you might ask? Well, the use of bulletproofing makes room for heavy-duty equipment and suspension, which means that the ride will be much smoother compared to an ordinary vehicle. This will add comfort and you can enjoy the ride just as you would in a luxury car.


The engine may be more powerful as the car needs to have sufficient engine output to keep it running. Some may be equipped with turbocharged engines while others may be using V6 or 8 depending upon the brand and the type of the armored cash in transit vehicle you use.