Online Shopping Trend in India

Physical businesses often see a decline in their sales mainly during balances. Indeed, the e-commerce market in India is not experiencing the crisis, and even recorded a 20% increase in sales over the past year. There are a large number of shopping sites in India. The famous sites are,,,,,Homeshop18,


E-commerce has seen a steady increase in the number of online transactions since January 2017 compared to 2016.

The advantages of an e-commerce:

– Customers move less nowadays and prefer to order online

– Do not let competition in a monopoly situation on the web

–  Companies can reach customers worldwide and remove the physical borders

– they facilitate the order taking of  clients and make disappear order papers

– they can sell their products at the same price as in shop

– can diversify business more easily and without upsetting communication

Areas of operation that work best:

The fashion sector works well just like the pharmaceutical and industrial sectors. Nevertheless, all sectors of activity are conducive to the launch of an online shop.

The most important management tools to set up on website

First of all, you have to rationalize the products with a very good presentation of the articles (description, photos, prices, VAT, stock, delays)

To publish your catalog, you will need to reference your e-commerce: Natural referencing refers to the results indexed in the engines according to the relevance of the keywords contained in the web page. It is very important to choose your E-commerce software according to the tools and extensions that it makes available so that the engines index as many pages as possible and you can sell online your products.

Offer links to social networks in your online site: Indeed customers can share your link with friends which can generate potential customers.

The creation of an e-commerce is a necessary step to defend oneself against the competition but also make it possible to free oneself from the physical borders while diversifying its company at a relatively low cost.


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