The benefits of gastric sleeve surgery

For those who don’t know, a gastric sleeve surgery is meant to help people who have turned obese. The best part about this particular surgery is that it is not as invasive as other procedures. During the procedure, the surgeon removes about 85% of the stomach of the patient. What this does is that it leaves behind what can be considered a sleeve or tube. Considering that the surgery is performed in a laparoscopic manner, there are only small incisions instead of a huge single incision that takes a lot of time to heal. Once the small incisions are made, the surgeon inserts a tube that carries a tiny camera and other instruments required for the procedure to take place. Later on, staples are used by the surgeon to close the tube shaped stomach that has been created.

A gastric bypass surgery needs to be scheduled after a certain amount of weight is lost by the patient. The good thing is that the second surgery is far less risky in terms of being performed separately. The second surgery can take place anywhere between six to eighteen months after the initial surgery was performed.

A major reason why people these days choose gastric sleeve surgery over other procedures is because it leads to smaller incisions, which means the patient needs to spend lesser time in the hospital. In a majority of cases, the patients do not spend more than two days in the hospital once the surgery is performed. Most importantly, even the recovery time is considerably shorter as well for the simple reason that there are smaller sized incisions instead of a large sized one. This is one of the most vital reasons why this particular surgery is preferred not just by patients, but surgeons as well. Once the surgery is performed, it is normal for the patient to have a swollen abdomen for a few days. To make the discomfort considerably easier to bear, it is normal for doctors to advice medication.

In case you are considering going under this particular surgery, you need to know that you will have to remain on liquid only diet for about two weeks from the day that the surgery is performed. After the two weeks have passed, you will be able to eat pureed foods only for another two weeks. Once the additional two weeks pass, you will be able to start eating solid foods. However, the good news is that after all this is done with, you will be in the position to get rid of about fifty to eighty percent of your unwanted body weight. Look at here now for more information.

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