How to get high-Quality Free Backlinks for My Website

High-quality backlinks of a blog or a site enhance domain authority. This authority increases the number of visitors to your website. So authority is necessary for ranking in Google. There are a large number of ways to make backlinks but some of them are spam. These spam backlinks  show bad effects on the authority of a website. It is necessary to make backlinks which seem real. In this article, i try to explain, “How to get Free Backlinks for My Website”  There are two types of backlinks.

  • dofollow backlink : These backlinks have fantastic effects on the domain authority. You can know about a backlinks either it is a dofollow or nofollow by right clink on the page, click on the inspect element and inspect the link. If ‘rel=nofollow’ , it is nofollow backlink else it will be dofollow.
  • nofollow backlinks: These backlinks have little effects on ranking. Google does not crawl these links.


Here I am explaining 5 best ways to make high-quality backlinks

Best Way to get Free Backlinks for My Website

Backlinks from Comments

Comments are the better source to get high-quality relative backlinks. You can find blogs of high DA and comment there in their comment section. You can use footprint to find relative blog such as

Keyword phrase “Comment here”

Keyword phrase “ Leave Comment here”

A high-quality backlink is dofollow and is related to your niche. Another trick to get high-quality backlink is from references. You can find reference by using the given phrase

“My response is on my own website ” keyword phrase

These websites will allow you to put your site links directly to the site and gives you the chance to get a dofollow backlink. But this trick is for those sites which have no propositions in the domain name.

Guest Posting

guest posting

Guest Posting is another source to get a high-quality backlink but it is more reliable than comments.  In this way, you pay money for putting your site link on a blog. You can find a guest posting service on a So you can put your site link on a blog for $5. You can make your own PBN(private blog network). This PBN must contain at least on website of each niche.

Some webmaster exchange links but it is a high risk. If Google finds you for this exchange, you will be penalizing badly.

Yahoo and Quora  Answers

You can give the answer on the and It is the best chance to publish your site here. You can invite people to read your posts related to your niche. These sites have good authority in the google ranking. It is an easy way to get a backlink from these famous sites.

Sharing your Site to Social Bookmarking Sites

Google trust on the social bookmarking site such s, LinkedIn, Delicious, and  These sites play the important role in the backlinking and traffic. These sites shift a high traffic to your site. Almost every webmaster shares his sites to these sites. So it is the best source to get a high traffic and quality backlinks. is another source to get high-quality backlinks for your blog.

Forum and Article Submission

Forums are the source to get quality backlinks. Online communities are also  big sources to get good quality backlinks. You can write an article according to your niche and put your site link in  this article and submit it to the article submission sites. This a nice source to get  backlinks from high authority source.

These are the few tricks to get backlinks from sites. In this way, you can easily rank your site in search engine.










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