How to earn Money from Social Media

Social networks are not just for entertainment and friends. They also make it possible to make money, or even get rich quick. How to proceed?

Social networks, money-generating platforms

Social networks are successful platforms for communication. Visionaries, like Mark Zuckerberg, have predicted the efficiency of social networks in gaining audience. This success seems not to fade despite the years that pass. Take as an example Facebook. This social network created in 2006 acquires hundreds of thousands of new members on a daily basis. Six years after its creation, Mark Zuckerberg has already launched Facebook’s IPO with 421 million shares worth $ 38 each. This social network has 1 billion active members in 2012.

Social networks like Facebook, Linkdln or Twitter have been interesting to professionals for a few years now. There are many ways to make money online via social networks. Some create groups on Facebook. They then try to get as many members as possible. Once they reach a number of registered members, they offer for sale their groups on Facebook. Professionals are indeed willing to buy them at 13,000 euros or even up to 20,000 euros.

Still for money-making via social networks, members strive to win friends, dials, comments, “I like” or just clicks. They subsequently wager points that are convertible into silver. Receipt of the total amount obtained is done simply via the online portfolio of their choice.

The importance of visibility to make money with social networks

Many people provide a considerable effort in order to earn money quickly via social networks. Others prefer to develop professional relationships in order to obtain new collaborators. To do this, they put in place a strategy allowing them to gain visibility on the search engines. Otherwise, social networks have become effective ways of ensuring better referencing of their professional websites.

Thanks to their visibility on social networks, professionals attract customers, but also many potential collaborators. Entrepreneurs begin to solicit them via their website or directly by telephone. They jointly define new projects. They help each other in the implementation of projects they care about. They see their turnover increase significantly in the space of two quarters or a year. This approach is typical of entrepreneurs wishing to develop their structure well in record time.


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