5 Simple Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram

Instagram is developing rapidly. In a few years, they have out of 100 million monthly active users.

Out of 41 million photos are shared per day. There are more than 8,000 loves in a hurry per second and over 1,100 shared comments per second. If, now that you know the data …

I like to study online behavior and reading a lot of blogs on different techniques to get followers on Instagram. Here are 8 simple tips that I feel like helping you on how to get more followers on Instagram

Here they are:

1. Humanized Share, Photos relatable.

What does Instagram’s popular accounts have in common? Their photos are very personal, relatable, and they can not be duplicated. They connect with their audience. Take pictures that are unique, humanized, and connect with your audience. The best way to relate with your audience is to make sure that the pictures are not “perfect.” Be it emotional, they are more likely to comment or like the photo.

In other words, being real. Instagram is not a place to publish photos of your company. It is a place of human bond .

A beautiful image that captures the attention of people.

2. Connect your Facebook account.

A few months ago, Facebook bought Instagram for $ 1 billion. The good news is what allows all your Instagram photos to integrate easily with Facebook. One thing I noticed is that some people do not even sign in to their Facebook account to his Instagram account. Your activity will be Instagram broadcast to Facebook. This gives you access to all your Facebook enthusiasts, so by connecting your Facebook and showing off your beautiful photos, you are more likely to get more Instagram followers!

One of Instagram’s best-kept secrets is that it helps you to follow or self-track all of your Facebook friends in literally a few seconds.

3. Use relevant hashtags.

Like Twitter, Instagram uses hashtags to organize photos. Some hashtags are more popular than others, but it is important to always use the relevant hashtags. The Instagram search engine is much more powerful than Twitters, because people use it to search for interesting photos. It’s much easier to “resume” a photo than read someone’s thoughts on Twitter. At most, use 3 hashtags. Nothing more than 3, people believe that the picture is “spam.” The more people who interact with your photo, the better chance you will get more followers of Instagram.

Top 20 Hashtags on Instagram:

#to follow





#TBT (throwback Thursday)







# l4l







4. Matter Filters

What made Instagram so popular so fast? … ..Filters. They give each photo a unique sense of beauty, and they make each photo so personalized. By making your photo of inspiration, breathless or memorable, people will be more likely to engage with your photo, and want to follow you because they want more beautiful photos.

5. Synchronization is everything

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, it makes a noise? If you post a photo of Instagram in the middle of the night, but most of your followers are asleep, Has anyone seen? Let’s say you take the most beautiful photo in the world, but you share at 3am … .it is unlikely that you will see many new Instagram followers. People check Instagram at two key moments: In the morning, and on their way home from work – these are the two most popular moments. Below, the table indicates the best time to share is on Wednesdays at 5-6PM.

Definitely consider sharing photos over these two times because it will give maximum possible engagement results. A photo of Instagram has a lifespan of the order of 3-4 hours before it goes away. You can buy instagram followers from Instafamous Pro at cheap rates.


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